Yeast Extract

Yeast Extract

Bio Springer’s yeast extracts are natural and clean label flavour bases. The aromatic notes are provided by the yeast extract composition, particularly the high amino-acids, and oligo-peptides contents obtained from proteins hydrolysis. And because of the amino-acid profile, the yeast extracts are also known for their “taste-enhancing” properties which give more body and roundness to flavour formulations. The traditional applications are soups and bouillons.

In addition, yeast extract is a natural raw material for process flavour yeast extract manufacturing. It develops a typical note of chicken, roasted meat, and grilled note.These products are natural and animal free. All the flavour profiles occurred from the Millard reactions.

Our yeast extracts are naturally rich in amino-acids. They can be declared as yeast extracts or natural flavouring. They are 100% water soluble and available in fine powder, micro-granulated, paste form, and liquid forms. Bio Springer yeast extracts are Halal and Kosher certified.

Product ranges:

  • SPRINGER standard (Naturally high amino-acids content)
  • SPRINGER 2000 range (Naturally occurring nucleotides content IMP+GMP from 2 % to 20%)
  • SPRINGER 4100 range (Naturally rich in sulphur amino-acids and peptides like glutathione)
  • SPRINGAROM (Processed flavour based on yeast extract)
  • PRONAL (Brewer’s yeast extract)


  • Soups
  • Sauces
  • Seasonings
  • Snacks
  • Meat products
  • Ready-to-eat foods
  • Biotech
  • Culture media

Our products:

  • SPRINGER 0203/0-PW-L
  • SPRINGER 0402/20-PO-D
  • SPRINGER 1405/40-PW-L
  • SPRINGER 2006/0-MG-L
  • SPRINGAROM Chicken
  • SPRINGAROM Roasted Meat
  • SPRINGAROM Grilled Note