In-Transit Temperature Recorder for 60 days (Model 16400)


In-Transit Temperature Recorder for 60 days (Model 16400)

The In-Transit Temperature Recorder models are specially engineered with a light and durable vented case for superior air circulation and faster temperature response. They provide maximum accuracy and generate a permanent record of transit conditions on a 36 inch (91 cm) strip chart. A view port allows the operator to visually confirm activation after the startup tab has been pulled. The permanent records produced by these recorders serve as corroborating evidence for insurance claims, quality assurance documentation and protection of your valuable products.


Brand Information

DeltaTRAK, Inc. is a leading innovator of Cold-Chain Management and Food Safety, and Shelf-Life Solutions. Our product line includes a wide range of temperature, humidity, pH monitoring, recording devices, data loggers, wireless systems, professional thermometers, and ethylene adsorption products.  DeltaTRAK develops and manufactures high quality, portable test instruments and products designed with a focus on quality assurance and traceability. Additional services include instrument calibration (NIST), system validation, and environmental diagnostics.


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