Chlorine Test Paper (Model 50014)


Chlorine Test Paper (Model 50014)

Users of chlorine based sanitizer solutions are required to have test kits on hand to ensure their sanitizer solutions.The Hydrion Chlorine Test Papers measure the concentration of chlorine based sanitizer solutions. They provide the user with a simple, reliable, and economical means of meeting federal and state health requirements. Simply dip the test strip in the chlorine sanitizer solution and compare color against the color chart. These test papers are approved by health department to be used for monitoring concentrations of chlorine sanitizing solutions.


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DeltaTRAK, Inc. is a leading innovator of Cold-Chain Management and Food Safety, and Shelf-Life Solutions. Our product line includes a wide range of temperature, humidity, pH monitoring, recording devices, data loggers, wireless systems, professional thermometers, and ethylene adsorption products.  DeltaTRAK develops and manufactures high quality, portable test instruments and products designed with a focus on quality assurance and traceability. Additional services include instrument calibration (NIST), system validation, and environmental diagnostics.


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