Vikan Microfiber Cloths


Vikan Microfiber Cloths


 Vikan microfiber cloths can be used on all types of surfaces with high demands on cleaning efficiency and hygienic.  It is perfect for regular cleaning. In order to extend the product life and condition, do avoid any contact with solvent, strong acid, bleaching, and alkaline products.

Independently tested by University College of London Hospitals to remove over 99.9% of bacteria associated with hospital infections.                                                                                                                          

 Where to use:



Cleaning of all types of surfaces with high demands on cleaning efficiency and hygienic. Perfect for regular maintenance cleaning. Avoid any contact with solvents, strong acid or alkaline products.

How to use:

Preferably used in Vikan Vikan® system. The cloth can be used either damp or dry - wipe with the cloth folded - fold in another direction until every side has been used as face side - thereafter released in the laundry bag.


Brand Information

Vikan offers a wide range of manual cleaning tools that ensure both hygienic and effective cleaning. Our Vikan products are color-coded and available in 9 colors; green, blue, red, white, yellow, orange, purple, black, and dark blue for metal detectable items.  The color-coding system help minimize the risk of cross contamination in the food processing lines. The products are easy to use, to clean and dry quickly.  Many of the them are approved for contact with foodstuffs and have undergone quality tests to ensure that our customer's hygiene standards are maintained or improved.  


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