ACfine PREMIUM Moisture Skin & Lotion

ACfine PREMIUM Skin and Lotion

ACfine PREMIUM Moisture Skin & Lotion

ACfine PREMIUM Moisture Skin: Soothing effect for all skin types’ especially sensitive skin after face washing. Containing natural moisturizing factors and Aloe Extracts, Make your skin clearing, convergence affects also booth your skin highly moist and shiny.  Natural ingredients as Centella Asiatica Leaf Extract sooth and alleviate troubled skin and contracting skin pores,  enhancing skin elasticity. Plus various Althaea Rosea Flower Extract and Sophora Extract are deeply sooth your skin and supplying high moisture.

Directions : After washing your face with ACfine PREMIUM Foam Cleansing, sufficiently moisten cotton puff with ACfine PREMIUM Moisture Skin and lightly dab skin with cotton.

ACfine PREMIUM Moisture Lotion: Controlling level of moisture balance with softly moist texture without stickiness on your skin. The core natural ingredients as Green Tea Oil Extract which containing high level of Ample Vitamin A, B2, IgY Yolk Egg Powder are alleviating pimples and soothing skin. The Ample Vitamin C makes your skin clear by preventing melanin pigment darkening. And Natural Organic Sulfur eliminates all waste matters and keratin in skin pores. It can be use for all skin types’ especially sensitive and troubled skin.

Directions : After using ACfine PREMIUM Moisture Skin, use a generous amount, applying from the center of the face and spread outward over your entire face


Moisture Skin (150 ml) + Moisture Lotion (150 ml)

With complimentary offers for ACfine Soft Peeling Gel + ACfine Water Sleeping Pack

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