Tecnaroma CTE


Tecnaroma CTE

Tecnaroma CTE features a mix of particularly successful flavourings. Used primarily during the production of savoury foods and cured sausage and salami, these products are achieved through the most advanced techniques, enabling the complete extraction of the plant or herb essence, with careful control regarding the organoleptic properties of the ingredients, dosage and composition, all strictly respecting traditional Italian taste.

Brand Information

The Flavourings developed by Tecnessenze have devised to respond to the constant evolution in market tastes, offering exclusive formulas capable of endowing foods with a guaranteed and recognisable flavour, to make the food products unique.

Tecnessenze R&D has always focused its activity on studying and employing the nutritional properties and benefits of new ingredients for the food industry. In recent years, Tecnessenze has developed, tested and confirmed new products that ensure the utmost quality and safety of the ingredients, from their harvest to their application in the end product.