Savory Culinary & Snack

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Savory Culinary & Snack

Applications of Savory Culinary & Snack range from roast chicken seasonings to soup, snack food and sauces. Below is a partial list of Savory Culinary & Snack flavours. If you are interested in any flavour or have any new ideas, please submit your enquiry regarding on "Food Ingredients" and our sales representative will contact you shortly

- Black Pepper Oleoresin    - Black Pepper Sauce

- Capsicum Oleoresin         - Capsicum Tomato      

Chili Garlic                      - Corinder Root Flavour           

- Green Chili Sauce            - Kimchi Seoul          

Pan Masala                     - Soya Sauce Maggi         

Szechuan Sour & Spicy   - Tamarind Paste                    

Tomato Ketchup              - Tomato Cheese

Brand Information

Reka Nutrition is a leading manufacturer and distributor of food flavors, fragrances, cloudifying agent, basic aroma chemicals and natural essential oils in Asia. Our products are created from high quality ingredients sourced worldwide with applications in common market sectors such as pharmaceutical, food processing, beverage, personal care and home care industries. Many of our products are exported to and used by world leading consumer brands in Europe, United States and Middle East countries.