VIKAN Color-coded with high quality hygiene brooms, manufactured to 'Food Safety' standards help enforce zone isolation. Allowing the introduction of colour coded systems to prevent cross contamination of bacteria and food stuffs spreading into other zones.  All the cleaning tools are designed for areas with high safety requirements as they are easy to clean, dry quickly, and autoclavable.

Brand Information

Vikan offers a wide range of manual cleaning tools that ensure both hygienic and effective cleaning. Our Vikan products are color-coded and available in 9 colors; green, blue, red, white, yellow, orange, purple, black, and dark blue for metal detectable items.  The color-coding system help minimize the risk of cross contamination in the food processing lines. The products are easy to use, to clean and dry quickly.  Many of the them are approved for contact with foodstuffs and have undergone quality tests to ensure that our customer's hygiene standards are maintained or improved.  


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