Hygiene Solutions

  • Dustpan – is used for collecting food debris and dust from floors and work surfaces. With this ergonomically designed, it is ideal for food industry use.  It also features strength, durability, and ease of cleaning. Use with Hand Brushes item 4587 and 4589.  This dustpan is fully color-coded of 12 colors.


  • Upright Dustpan – The contact lip is designed for easy and efficient sweeping into the dustpan. The outer front surface has a raised area to prevent debris from falling out of the dustpan. The enlarged rear and side walls enable the dustpan to hold larger volumes of debris. Available in 6 colors; Green, Blue, Red, White, Yellow, Black.


  • Dustpan Set, closable with Broom – Sweep up and collect dry and moist debris in the same smooth, even movement. Angle-cut broom head features two kinds of bristles, and the closeable dustpan has a solid contact lip to gather up debris easily and effectively.