Pipe and Tube Brushes

Hygiene Solutions

  • Tube Brush – can effectively clean bottles, pipes, tubes, and hard-to-reach surfaces such as gaps and crevices on machinery and conveyor belts.


  • Flexible Handle (Stainless Steel) – is used for cleaning curved pipes such as sight-glasses on large tanks and transfer hoses. Can be used with the tube brush cleaner heads.


  • Flexible Extension Rods – To be used with Flexible Handle. It helps cleaning the inside of long feeder. Add as many extension rods as required to reach inside feeder tubes of any length.


  • Tube Brush for Flexible Handle – is designed for cleaning pipes found in dairies, breweries and the fishing industry. Can be used with Flexible handle and Flexible Extension Rods.


  • Pipe Cleaning Brush for Handle – easily clean pipes and tubes on appliances such as fish-sorting machines and meat mincers. Can be used with any Vikan handles.