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Hygiene Solutions

Our hygiene buckets are used for storing ingredients or for holding chemical solutions.

  • Bucket 6 Litres

(Available in 12 colors; Fully color-coded)

  • Bucket 12 Litre

(Available in 12 colors; Fully color-coded)

  • Bucket 20 Litre

(Available in 5 colors)


Hygiene Solutions

  • Dustpan – is used for collecting food debris and dust from floors and work surfaces. With this ergonomically designed, it is ideal for food industry use.  It also features strength, durability, and ease of cleaning. Use with Hand Brushes item 4587 and 4589.  This dustpan is fully color-coded of 12 colors.


  • Upright Dustpan – The contact lip is designed for easy and efficient sweeping into the dustpan. The outer front surface has a raised area to prevent debris from falling out of the dustpan. The enlarged rear and side walls enable the dustpan to hold larger volumes of debris. Available in 6 colors; Green, Blue, Red, White, Yellow, Black.


  • Dustpan Set, closable with Broom – Sweep up and collect dry and moist debris in the same smooth, even movement. Angle-cut broom head features two kinds of bristles, and the closeable dustpan has a solid contact lip to gather up debris easily and effectively.

Floor / Ceiling Squeegees

Hygiene Solutions

  • Condensation Squeegee – is designed to effectively remove condensation from ceilings and pipes during production. It features drain holes that allow condensation to be collected safely in a bottle or drained away through an attached hose.


  • Ultra Hygienic Squeegee – combines ultimate hygiene with effective water removal from walls, floors ,and tables. The angled blade makes it easy to remove water from corners and other difficult-to-reach areas. The splash guard ensures that liquid does not spill onto the dried surface. Available sizes; 40cm, 50cm, 60cm.  And fully color-coded of 12 colors.


  • Hygienic Floor Squeegee w/ Replacement Cassette – designed for areas where both high levels of hygiene and effective water removal are required. Can be used on all types of surfaces, including tiled and safety flooring. The cassette can be removed easily for cleaning or replacement. This squeegee range comes in two types; fixed-neck and revolving neck.  Cassette replacements (double-bladed squeegee) are also available in all colors of squeegees.


  • Floor Squeegee w/ Replacement Cassette – ideal for removing water and food debris from all types of flooring. This double-bladed cell rubber squeegee can be removed easily for cleaning or replacement.  It also comes in two types; fixed-neck and revolving neck.  Cassette replacements (sponge rubber squeegee) are also available in black and white .

Floor Brushes

Hygiene Solutions

  • Floor Scrubbing Brush – suitable for cleaning the areas with heavily soiled or stubborn dirt , especially in the meat processing plants. This brush is waterfed, featuring highly-effective water distribution.


  • Floor Washing Brush – this brush with firm bristles is ideal for cleaning tiled and epoxy floors in food preparation areas.


  • High-Low Brush – can effectively clean and scrub floor-wall junctions and under machines and equipment . Featuring with an angled thread that lets you use the brush with the handle positioned parallel to the floor.  Also ideal for cleaning drain and gulley.

Hand Squeegees

Hygiene Solutions

  • Ultra Hygienic Table Squeegee w/ Mini-Handle – is a single-bladed squeegee for removing excess water and food debris from food-preparation surfaces. The soft and flexible blade is fully-moulded to ensure it is easy to keep completely clean.


  • Hygienic Hand Squeegee w/ double-bladed replacement – is designed for removing water and waste while maintaining high levels of hygiene. This squeegee comes with a double-bladed replacement cassette that is easily removed for cleaning or replacement.


  • Hand Squeegee w/ Replacement Cassette (Sponge Rubber) – suitable for removing both water and food debris from food preparation surfaces, with double-bladed sponge that is easy to remove for cleaning or for replacement.


  • Window Squeegee – suitable for removing water from windows.


  • Wipe-N-Shine – can effectively removes water residue and lime-scale deposits from washed and painted surfaces.

Pipe and Tube Brushes

Hygiene Solutions

  • Tube Brush – can effectively clean bottles, pipes, tubes, and hard-to-reach surfaces such as gaps and crevices on machinery and conveyor belts.


  • Flexible Handle (Stainless Steel) – is used for cleaning curved pipes such as sight-glasses on large tanks and transfer hoses. Can be used with the tube brush cleaner heads.


  • Flexible Extension Rods – To be used with Flexible Handle. It helps cleaning the inside of long feeder. Add as many extension rods as required to reach inside feeder tubes of any length.


  • Tube Brush for Flexible Handle – is designed for cleaning pipes found in dairies, breweries and the fishing industry. Can be used with Flexible handle and Flexible Extension Rods.


  • Pipe Cleaning Brush for Handle – easily clean pipes and tubes on appliances such as fish-sorting machines and meat mincers. Can be used with any Vikan handles.

Scouring Pads & Holders

Hygiene Solutions

  • Pad Holder for Handle – is used for securing the cleaning pads with a lockable pad holder. To be used with any Vikan handles and pads, enabling users to safely clean floors, under equipments, stainless steel mezzanines, and white PVC walls.


  • Pad Holder Hand Model – is used for securing the cleaning pads with a lockable pad holder. Ideal for cleaning conveyor belts, production lines and equipment such as baking trays.


  • Scouring Pad, Hard (Brown) – remove stubborn marks on walls and floors. Fits hand and floor pad-holder models. Not FDA compliant.


  • Scouring Pad, Medium (Blue) – is ideal for removing marks on both walls and floors. Not FDA compliant.


  • Scouring Pad, Soft (White) – is ideal for removing greasy dirt on smooth surfaces such as PVC walls and stainless steel surfaces. Not FDA compliant.

Transport Range

Hygiene Solutions

Brushes and Handles in Transport range can be used for cleaning from small and large vehicles to aircrafts.

The Transport System Starter Pack includes following items;

  • Vehicle Brush w/Long Handle, Soft/Split filaments
  • All-Round Vehicle Brush for small areas
  • Vehicle Brush, Waterfed, 25cm, Soft/Split
  • Rim Brush (Black)
  • Aluminium Telescopic Waterfed Handle with click-fit, 1.06m extendable to1.60m

* Products can be purchased individually.*

UST Range

Hygiene Solutions

Ultra-Safe Technology (UST)

This product range is part of Vikan’s ambition to create the most secure, safe, and hygienic cleaning tools for food and beverage industry.

Main Benefits of UST Range:

  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Unique design
  • Alternative to resin-set brushes

Product ranges:

  • UST Broom
  • UST Hand Brush w/ Short Handle
  • UST Hand Brush w/ Long Handle
  • UST Bench Brush
  • UST Detail Brush
  • UST Floor Scrub Brush

Wall / Tank Brushes

Hygiene Solutions

  • Washing Brush w/Angle adjustment, Waterfed – easily remove dust and dirt from high level or difficult-to-reach areas. Ideal for a variety of cleaning tasks. With split fiber bristles that retain water to improve cleaning efficiency.


  • Tank Brush – suitable for cleaning tanks, vats, and drain gulley. The oval-shaped of this brush make it more effective for scrubbing inside large tanks and containers. And the rounded edges work well with the sides of equipments.


  • Cylinder Head Brush / Meat Mincer Brush – is designed for cleaning tanks and containers. This brush can also clean feeder pipes and tubes in food production equipments as well as food ingredients mixers.