Hand Squeegees

Hygiene Solutions

  • Ultra Hygienic Table Squeegee w/ Mini-Handle – is a single-bladed squeegee for removing excess water and food debris from food-preparation surfaces. The soft and flexible blade is fully-moulded to ensure it is easy to keep completely clean.


  • Hygienic Hand Squeegee w/ double-bladed replacement – is designed for removing water and waste while maintaining high levels of hygiene. This squeegee comes with a double-bladed replacement cassette that is easily removed for cleaning or replacement.


  • Hand Squeegee w/ Replacement Cassette (Sponge Rubber) – suitable for removing both water and food debris from food preparation surfaces, with double-bladed sponge that is easy to remove for cleaning or for replacement.


  • Window Squeegee – suitable for removing water from windows.


  • Wipe-N-Shine – can effectively removes water residue and lime-scale deposits from washed and painted surfaces.