Jumbo Display Auto-Cal Needle Probe Thermometer (Model 11063)


FlashCheck® Jumbo Display Auto-Cal Needle Probe Thermometer (Model 11063)

Applications: This unique, next-generation, Needle Probe Thermometer is engineered to set the industry standard for accuracy, durability and readability. It is designed and constructed under exacting standards to meet and exceed specifications required for commercial and professional uses

Key Features:

  • °F/°C selectable
  • Automatic calibration feature
  • Needle tip ideal for measuring temperature of thin mass foods such as meat patties, chicken and fish fillets, per FDA Food Code 4-302.12 (B)
  • Small diameter probe provides less than 6 second response time
  • Highly visible dual scale jumbo LCD display
  • Sealed unibody construction
  • IP56 waterproof, sanitizable, dirt and grease resistant
  • Automatic shut off saves battery